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True Story

Helen Humphreys

Written for her beloved brother, True Story is Helen Humphreys' memoir of grief, love and family

The Face Thief

Eli Gottlieb

A driving, compulsive novel that explores human greed and loyalty corrupted by temptation.

Sila's Fortune

Fabrice Humbert

The Slap from a French perspective.


Anthony Burgess

Ingenious, chilling and darkly comic, 1985 is a terrifying vision of the future by the 'great postmodern storehouse of British writing', Antho…

One Hand Clapping

Anthony Burgess

A comedy of game shows and greed, high stakes and the high life, from the acclaimed and bestselling writer Anthony Burgess

Tremor of Intent

Anthony Burgess

A brilliantly funny spy novel from the author of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess.


Padgett Powell

Padgett Powell's first book, a classic coming of age novel with a unique and memorable hero

Napoleon Symphony

Anthony Burgess

A new edition of Burgess' long unavailable, ambitious, experimental novel about Napoleon Bonaparte

Calendar Girl

Stella Duffy

An unusual, cleverly constructed recital of deception … The downbeat denouement packs an unexpected, morbid wallop.

Fresh Flesh

Stella Duffy

The clever money should be on Duffy when the crime-writing Oscars are dished out.

Mouths of Babes

Stella Duffy

This book shouldn't just be seen as a great piece of crime writing; it's a fine novel, as good as anything you'll read this year from a li…


Roger Smith

One moment. No second chances. Consequences that will last a lifetime …

What In God's Name

Simon Rich

How can you help mankind, when they won't help themselves? Welcome to Heaven Inc, and Craig's life.

Albert of Adelaide

Howard L. Anderson

A story of the Australian Outback, a duck-billed platypus on a quest, and what it means to be a hero.


Cathi Unsworth

Wicked Witch of the East, the tabloids called her. Bloody Weirdo, is what the locals said.

One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed

Melissa P.

Love may be hard to find, but sex waits at every turn

The Last Patriarch

Najat El Hachmi

A riveting debut novel of fathers and daughters, and the conflict between duty and desire, set in rural Morocco and urban Cataluña

School For Patriots

Martin Kohan

Set during the time of the Falklands War – a shocking exposure of the moral degradation that contaminated institutions of Argentinian society

The Reinvention of Love

Helen Humphreys

Married to a great man, in love with a man like no other …

Taming the Beast

Emily Maguire

It was never just sex…

Showing 264 results