From 13th October you can own your very own collection of Vivienne Westwood's innermost thoughts and feelings on fashion, the environment, philosophy and culture. Have a look inside...

Mary Gaitskill is the most acclaimed author you may never have read. We give you the lowdown on her books past and present.

Most people would fit one of these things into their life at most.


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Watch Mary Gaitskill read from her highly-acclaimed new novel, The Mare.

We love this video, recorded in 1993, of Eileen Myles reading 'An American Poem', which is included in I Must Be Living Twice


The Essex Serpent is Sarah Perry's second novel, following her acclaimed debut, After Me Comes the Flood. Set in the 1880s in the Essex marshes, a widow and her son hunt a serpent, believed by some to be magical, others merely a superstition and some a symptom of moral panic. Already a Sunday Times bestseller, this magnificent concoction weaves the rich detail of Victorian life with a love story and themes of evolution. Here to chat to Sarah about the book is MJ Carter, who has written a trio of hugely enjoyable Victorian novels featuring the detective duo Avery and Blake. The third instalment, The Devil's Feast, is released in October. 'The Essex Serpent is a novel to relish: a work of great intelligence and charm, by a hugely talented author' Sarah Waters