Mary Gaitskill is the most acclaimed author you may never have read. We give you the lowdown on her books past and present.

Most people would fit one of these things into their life at most.
Editor Nick Sheerin on the constellation of stories in Adrian Bosc's prize-winning novel - and the story behind its clever cover design.


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Watch Mary Gaitskill read from her highly-acclaimed new novel, The Mare.

We love this video, recorded in 1993, of Eileen Myles reading 'An American Poem', which is included in I Must Be Living Twice


Is Video Gaming Killing Us? For years video games have been part of daily life and now two keen players have written insiders' accounts that explore their effects. Cara Ellison (a 'cyberpunk hair-dyed Attenborough') spent a weird year observing game creators to gather experiences for Embed with Games. World-leading video game pundit Simon Parkin presents Death by Video Game, a game-changing overview of gaming as a massive cultural phenomenon.