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The World Goes on by Laszlo Krasznahorkai and Like a Fading Shadow by Antonio Munoz Molina are both on the list.

To celebrate International Woman's Day 2018, take a look at our fantastic female authors with books coming out this year

Abi tells us how the legend that is Rachel Carson has inspired her and influenced her writing since she first read Silent Spring.


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Watch Mary Gaitskill read from her highly-acclaimed new novel, The Mare.


Join Ruby Tandoh, Great British Bake-Off finalist, journalist andauthor of Eat Up!, along with Bethany Rutter - writer and podcaster, and social editor at women's plus size fashion brand Navabi - or an empowering evening about reclaiming the female body, from food to fashion. Ruby Tandoh's Eat Up! celebrates the pleasure of eating and takes the guilt out of it, looking at everything from gluttons and gourmets in the movies, to the symbolism of food and sex. Meanwhile, Bethany Rutter's Plus+is a celebration of the daring, experimental and deeply personal world of plus size fashion, which makes it boldly clear that there is no shame in not fitting the conventional ideals of beauty. These two inspiring women will discuss how women can reclaim their bodies for themselves alone, without feeling pressured to conform to society's expectations about women's appetites, what they should and shouldn't eat, their physical appearances and what they wear. ALL TICKETS INCLUDE A COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF WINE. BUY ONLINE, IN STORE OR BY PHONING 020 7636 1577.