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Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

?Does for modern Barcelona what Dickens did for 19th-Century London? Total Football ?Like Get Shorty with tapas bars? Offside


Elfriede Jelinek

Sport, capitalism, male penetrative sexuality, bourgeois consumerism, the family – are pilloried in between the ceaseless rapes, buggeries and other a…

Wonderful, Wonderful Times

Elfriede Jelinek

A dozen years after the collapse of the Third Reich, four adolescents commit a gratuitously violent assault and robbery in a Viennese park. So begins…

Count Julian

Juan Goytisolo

This wicked, passionate and extremely funny book can be read as Goytisolo's farewell to the priests, generals and sanctimonious moralizers who rul…

Tea in the Harem

Mehdi Charef

Charef describes everyday hurts and bruises as if they were distinctive characteristics of the human condition. This unadorned voice goes straight to…

Showing 45 results