School For Patriots (Epub)


Set during the time of the Falklands War – a shocking exposure of the moral degradation that contaminated institutions of Argentinian society

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A school assistant in Buenos Aires' most prestigious state school, Maria Teresa Cornejo's job is to keep the students in line. Suspecting that some of them are smoking in the school toilets, Maria Teresa takes to spying on them urinate – an activity she gets pleasure from listening to. Found out by her supervisor Senor Biasutto, she is not fired but forced into sexual collusion with him.

In this society all appears fair and liberal but within there is brutal repression and the teachers including Señor Biasutto draw up black-lists of candidates for torture. As tense and uncompromising as a novel by Elfriede Jelinek, School for Patriots powerfully shows how in a dictatorship the political and the sexual interact.