A State of Denmark (B Format Paperback)


?Raymond?s novel is rooted firmly in the dystopian vision of Orwell and Huxley, sharing their air of horrifying hopelessness? Sunday Times ?A State of Denmark is carried out with surgical precision… a fascinating and important novel by one of our best writers in or outside of any genre? Time Out ?Alternative science fiction on the scale of Orwell?s 1984? Q

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It is the 1960s. England has become a dictatorship, governed by a sly, ruthless politician called Jobling. All non-whites have been deported, The English Times is the only newspaper, and ordinary people live in dread of nightly curfews and secret police. Richard Watt used all his journalistic talents to expose Jobling before he came to power. Now in exile in a farmhouse amid the cruel heat of the Italian countryside, Watt cultivates his vineyards. His remote rural idyll is shattered by the arrival of an emissary from London. Derek Raymond?s skill is to make all too plausible the transition from complacent democracy to dictatorship in a country preoccupied by consumerism and susceptible to media spin. First published in 1970, Raymond?s brilliant satire is as dark and frightening as ever.