The Slide Area (Paperback)

Gavin Lambert

Most of all there is enormous skill: the author has the playwright's flair for taut, meaningful dialogue; the novelist's feeling for mood, the short-story writer's love of plot; and the good movie writer's capacity for deft characterization that is visual as well as psychological

The land along Pacific Palisades is apt to slip away without warning, hence the road-side signs - SLIDE AREA. Narrated by a script-writer, Lambert's widely-acclaimed 1959 Hollywood classic of lonely souls marooned on a glittering wasteland is a perceptive and sensitive study of human emotion.

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ISBN: 9781852424411

Imprint: Serpent's Tail

Subject: Fiction

Gavin Lambert

Gavin Lambert

Gavin Lambert was born in England but lived for much of his life in Hollywood. He was the author of several novels (The Slide Area, Inside Daisy Clover, The Goodbye People), non-fiction (including On Cukor, The Dangerous Edge) and screenplays (Sons and Lovers, for which he gained an Academy Award nomination, and Inside Daisy Clover). Gavin Lambert also wrote biographies of Hollywood stars, including Norma Shearer, Lindsay Anderson and Natalie Wood. He died in 2005.