The Face Thief (Ebook)

Eli Gottlieb

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A driving, compulsive novel that explores human greed and loyalty corrupted by temptation.

Margot is a grifter, making her living preying on the weaknesses of men. She is an avenging angel, shattering marriages and draining bank accounts.

Exploring what drives her quest to deceive and disarm, The Face Thief moves fluidly forward and back in time, drawing vivid portraits of Margot's rocky childhood and her adult victims: an amiable, newly married man enticed into a catastrophic fraud; an esteemed teacher outwitted by his most dangerous student; and a well-meaning New York City cop tripped up by his belief in redemption.

Rich in suspense and psychological depth, The Face Thief swirls around predator and prey, creating a landscape where the educated are violent, the beautiful ugly, and the well-intentioned hapless, though all are constantly attempting to right their toppled lives.

Publication date: 04/04/2013


ISBN: 9781847658777

Imprint: Serpent's Tail

Subject: Fiction

Eli Gottlieb

Eli Gottlieb

Eli Gottlieb's The Boy Who Went Away won the prestigious Rome Prize and the 1998 McKitterick Prize from the British Society of Authors. It also received extraordinary notices and was a New York Times Notable book. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.