No Regrets, Coyote (Ebook)

John Dufresne

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The biting satire and black humour of Carl Hiaasen meets the emotional depth of The Wire and the mayhem of a Coen Brothers movie. Now available in paperback.

It's Christmas Eve in Eden, Florida, and Wylie 'Coyote' Melville, professional therapist and hobbyist forensic consultant, is called to the scene of a horrific crime at a quiet suburban address.

Wylie has enough on his plate as it is, his father is slipping deeper into the clutches of Alzheimer's, his new kitten Django is wreaking havoc with the soft furnishings and a homeless man has taken up residence on his front lawn. But a local family has been found brutally slain in their own home, and Wylie's friend Detective Sergeant Carlos O'Brien wants him to use his rare ability to 'read minds', to see the clues.

So he starts his own haphazard investigation, but with suspicions of mob involvement and the police strangely keen to shut down Wylie's amateur operation, he might be biting off more than he can chew.

No Regrets, Coyote is a wild ride to the dark heart of the Florida underworld. For fans of Christopher Brookmyre, Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard, and introduces a brilliantly original detective with the crime scene skills of Sherlock Holmes and the personal life of Jeff 'the Dude' Lebowski.

Publication date: 13/02/2014


ISBN: 9781782830290

Imprint: Serpent's Tail

Subject: Fiction

John Dufresne

John Dufresne

John Dufresne is the author of five novels and two books on writing and creativity. John was a 2012-13 Guggenheim Fellow and teaches in the MFA program at Florida International University in Miami. He lives in Dania Beach, Florida.
His first book with Serpent's Tail is No Regrets, Coyote, out in February 2014.