The Last Girlfriend on Earth (B Format Paperback)


Who said all's fair in love?

SKU: 9781846689222


It doesn't matter if you're a caveman, a time traveller or a regular person. Sooner or later, someone's going to break your heart.

The sketches in Simon Rich's new book are bizarre, funny, and – if you've ever been in love – all too familiar. From the invisible man stalking his ex, to Sherlock Holmes' only blind spot, The Last Girlfriend on Earth is always enchanting, often sweet, though occasionally awkward. Just like love itself.

'The Last Girlfriend On Earthis silly, surreal, sometimes sad and always laugh-out-loud funny. This collection will have you giggling/crying/squirming in recognition, and wondering what exactly Simon Rich has eaten to dream all this stuff up … pulls off the tough trick of being both heart-warming and hilarious – it's a must-read if you've ever so much as had a crush on someone' Heat

'Pithy, occasionally bonkers' Time Out

'Truly hilarious' Eva Wiseman, Observer