The Imperative Mood (Epub)


Padgett Powell moves from the interrogative to the imperative mood in this exclusive short

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Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and float it. Do not have large untenable quantities of despair. Do not go to parades. When you feed orphaned wild animals, do not expect them to make it. Be forewarned. Be careful that your genitals do not show outside the strict confines of your underwear. Learn at least three racquet games during your lifetime.

In this brand new short, Padgett Powell takes the reader on a completely new kind of journey. Just as The Interrogative Mood was stubbornly memorable and persistently illuminating, The Imperative Mood is surprising, funny, sneakily cumulative, charming, and artful. As well as just a little bit bossy.

The imperative is darker than the interrogative mood, we learn.