The Dirty South (B Format Paperback)


This is set to be Alex Wheatle's best year yet in a brilliant career: Steve McQueen has based an episode in his drama series SMALL AXE on Alex's life (airing Autumn 2020) and TV adapations of his Crongton novels are in the pipeline.

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Brixton, twenty years after the race riots. Teenager Dennis Huggins drifts into the easy, dangerous life of the shotta – or drug dealer – and discovers that, hard as the struggle for respect on the streets is, the struggle for love is harder still.

At least Dennis has involved parents looking out for him; too many of his friends drift through life with no positive influences or moral code; their only 'family' their fellow dealers. Wheatle brilliantly evokes the temptations of the thug life for young black men growing up in London's 'Dirty South' – this is a fast, compelling novel that offers no easy answers, but refuses to shy away from asking the difficult questions.