The Big Blowdown (B Format Paperback)


?Pelecanos has enormous strengths as a crime writer. He can?t write a dull sentence, his dialogue has great rhythm, his action scenes are ferociously effective? Observer ?Pelecanos has joined James Lee Burke and Lawrence Block at the high table of contemporary crime greats? The Times ?Stands head and shoulders above the output of better known writers. Superb? Independent on Sunday

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Washington DC, 1946. For two local young men, Pete Karras and Joey Recevo, the easiest way to find work after the war is by providing a little muscle for a local boss who runs a protection racket with the Mafia. The trouble with Pete Karras is that he is just too soft on his fellow immigrants, and the last thing the boss wants is for his mob to get soft. The boys have to teach Karras a painful lesson that he won?t forget. Three years later Pete and Joey meet up once more and a final confrontation puts the meaning of friendship and honour to the ultimate test. The Big Blowdown is the first novel in Pelecanos?s acclaimed ?Washington Quartet?.