Detransition, Baby and the Women’s Prize: A thank you

08 April 2021

We at Serpent’s Tail would like to thank the Women’s Prize and the literary community for their support for our extraordinarily talented author Torrey Peters’s Detransition, Baby. In the past 48 hours we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for Torrey’s brilliant, timely and original book. Detransition, Baby is closely concerned with the things cis and trans women have in common and what they can teach one another, and it is beautiful to see such heartfelt and thoughtful responses to its message of solidarity. We abhor bullying and personal attacks on writers and are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to state their support for Torrey, for trans people more generally and to celebrate the vitality of women’s writing.

We’re so glad that this remarkable novel will reach even more readers as a result of the increased attention. Particularly heartening are the efforts of queer and feminist bookshops including QueerLit, the Second Shelf, Lighthouse Books and others in promoting Torrey’s novel and donating money to trans-led organisations. We see and appreciate all of the generous individuals who have taken part in pay-it-forward schemes to purchase copies for others who want to read Detransition, Baby. Thank you also to everyone who has amplified our giveaways and recommended this very special novel to their friends and loved ones. As a result of all your kindness and enthusiasm, we are going into our third reprinting of the novel.

All our thanks and lots of love from Serpent’s Tail