Happy 35th birthday to Serpent’s Tail!

09 March 2021

Serpent’s Tail turns a very respectable 35 years old this year and while for our 30th we danced in a sweaty industrial bunker behind Angel station until the early hours of a weekday morning, for our birthday this year – like everyone else – we’re celebrating from home.

We’ve teamed up with Carrie Plitt and Octavia Bright, podcasters of exquisite taste and style and hosts of the award-winning Literary Friction to bring you the very special one-off minisode Inside Publishing with Hannah Westland from Serpent’s TailHannah Westland, Serpent’s Tail’s publisher since 2012, chats about the history, present and future of the imprint and what it means to be an independent publisher in 2021.

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You can hear Literary Friction’s previous interviews with our authors here: Carmen Maria MachadoMary GaitskillYelena MoskovichEsi EdugyanSarah Perry and find out more about the books discussed at our bookshop.org page. Look out for more birthday news and giveaways later this spring. #ST35