Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters – a trans take on love and parenting

08 June 2020

We’re so excited to have acquired Torrey Peters’ debut Detransition, Baby, a uniquely trans take on love and parenting. The novel follows Reese, a wisecracking fashion PR in New York who has always longed to be a mother. Three years on from a messy break-up with her girlfriend Amy, she is still stuck dating men who see her as an interesting diversion but never as a potential life partner. After being viciously attacked in the street, Amy de-transitioned to become Ames, and, thinking he was infertile, started an affair with his boss Katrina. Now Katrina’s pregnant. Initially, both Reese and Katrina are baffled by Ames’s proposal to raise the baby as a triad, but perhaps this will be what forces all of them to make peace with the past.

Torrey Peters lives in Brooklyn and holds an MFA from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth. She is the author of two novellas, Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones and The Masker. Her new novel has already garnered praise from Jordy Rosenberg and Andrea Lawlor.

Leonora Craig Cohen said: ‘Detransition, Baby is a caustically funny, warm-hearted novel and a thoughtful exploration of what it really means to care for one another. I’m overjoyed to have acquired it and I can’t wait for people to start reading.’

Peters said: ‘I’m so honored to have a chance to work with Leonora and the Serpent’s Tail team. Leonora understood right off how my novel about trans women is not only provocation for the current moment, but also a trans entry in a long tradition: fiction about difficult women challenging notions of family, mothering, misogyny, and proper behavior. In fact, many of the authors writing in this tradition who inspired me have themselves been published by Serpent’s Tail!’

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