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I Was Dora Suarez

Derek Raymond

The fourth novel in Derek Raymond's Factory detective crime series

How the Dead Live

Derek Raymond

The third novel in Derek Raymond's Factory detective crime series

The Devil's Home On Leave

Derek Raymond

The second novel in Derek Raymond's Factory detective crime series.

Three to Kill

Jean-Patrick Manchette

Listen: Warn your children and the weak of heart. There is meat here. There is gristle. There is bone. In France, which long ago embraced American cri…

A State of Denmark

Derek Raymond

?Raymond?s novel is rooted firmly in the dystopian vision of Orwell and Huxley, sharing their air of horrifying hopelessness? Sunday Times ?A State of…

He Died with His Eyes Open

Derek Raymond

The first novel in Derek Raymond's Factory detective crime series

Nightmare in the Street

Derek Raymond

?A unique crime writer whose fictional world was brutal, realistic and harrowing in the extreme? Maxim Jakubowski, Guardian

Murder In Memoriam

Didier Daeninckx

?Murder in Memoriam is the kind of book that begins to restore one?s confidence in the detective story. Not only has Daeninckx produced a particularly…


Nicholas Royle

?A gory but erotic thriller? This is a chilling and exhilarating read? Observer ?Beautifully written? a mesmerising blend of surrealism, satire and th…

The Buenos Aires Quintet

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Montalban is a writer who is caustic about the powerful and tender towards the oppressed

The Angst-Ridden Executive

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

I cannot wait for other Pepe Carvalho titles to be published here

The Big Blowdown

George Pelecanos

?Pelecanos has enormous strengths as a crime writer. He can?t write a dull sentence, his dialogue has great rhythm, his action scenes are ferociously…


Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

?Does for modern Barcelona what Dickens did for 19th-Century London? Total Football ?Like Get Shorty with tapas bars? Offside

The Crust On Its Uppers

Derek Raymond

?Tremendous black comedy of Chelsea gangland, written and set in the early Sixties, on the cusp of swinging London? Face ?Peopled by a fast-talking sh…

The Sweet Forever

George Pelecanos

The real deal; a dirty, human slice of raw American life… Pelecanos has joined James Lee Burke and Lawrence Block at the high table of contemporary…

Showing 75 results