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Wall Of Days

Imprint: Clerkenwell Press
Subject: Fiction, Clerkenwell Press

Wall Of Days

Alastair Bruce

A stunning novel of guilt and loss and remembering

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847657701 (4 Aug 2011)

About the book

In a world all but drowned, a man called Bran has been living alone on an island for ten years. He was sent there in exile by those whose leader he was, and he tallies on the wall of his cave the days as they pass. Until the day when something happens that kindles in Bran such memories and longing that he persuades himself to return, even if it means execution.

His reception is so unexpected, so mystifying that he casts about unsure of what is real and what imaginary. Only the friendship of a child anchors him as he retraces the terrible deeds for which he is answerable, and as he tries to reach back, over his biggest betrayal, to the one he loved. Wall of Days is a profoundly moving novel about guilt, loss and remembering.

About the author

Alastair Bruce was born in Port Elizabeth and studied at the University of Cape Town where he enrolled in a science degree course but finished with a masters in English Literature. He has lived in the United Kingdom for over ten years where he works in electronic publishing. He is married and has a daughter.


A riveting and overwhelming story, told by a consummate storyteller who appears well set to become a defining novelist of our time

- André Brink

Bruce's debut novel is both ambitious and hugely readable - holds its own in the deluge of post-apocalypse literature

- Independent

Bruce's exceptional novel has echoes of JM Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians, against which it more than holds its own

- Financial Times

Wall of Days is a brilliant debut novel, in fact it is a brilliant novel altogether. The prose is understated and clear, and the narrative arc buries complex ideas of guilt and accountability within simple events

- Cape Times

Additional Information

Imprint: Clerkenwell Press
Subject: Fiction, Clerkenwell Press

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