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Trust Exercise

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Pages: 272
Subject: Fiction

Trust Exercise

Susan Choi

An electrifying novel that speaks directly to the #metoo movement

Hardback(Preorder only)
9781788161671 (Published 2 May 2019)

About the book

In their first term at a highly competitive performing arts high school, two students, Sarah and David, fall deeply and obsessively in love. Under the care of Mr. Kingsley, their magnetic and manipulative drama instructor, they and their peers exist in a rarefied bubble, where the boundaries between students and teachers become first dangerously blurred, and then completely broken. The outside world of family and class, academic pressure and the future can't affect them-until it does-and they must deal with the ensuing rejection, rebellion, and heartbreak.

Two decades on we learn that what we were told about these teenagers' lives is not completely true, but not completely false, either. The real story is larger and darker than we imagined, and the consequences have lasted a lifetime.

Captivating and brilliant, Trust Exercise is a novel about the treacherous terrain of adolescence, how we define consent, and what we lose, gain, and never get over as we navigate our way into adulthood's mysterious structures of sex and power.

About the author

Susan Choi is the author of five novels: Trust Exercise, My Education, American Woman, A Person of Interest and The Foreign Student. She has been a finalist for the 2009 PEN/Faulkner Award and the 2004 Pulitzer Prize and is the winner of the Asian-American Literary Award for Fiction. Choi was named the inaugural recipient of the PEN/W.G. Sebald Award in 2010 and is a recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation. She teaches at Yale and lives with her family in Brooklyn.


The writing in this novel is masterful-but the book did something to me emotionally, too. I felt like I was in an obsessive relationship with it. I wanted to read it all the time

- Meg Wolitzer

As soon as I finished . . . [I was] desperate to talk about the novel with anyone else who'd read it. A startling, perplexing, fascinating book by a writer I've long been - and will always be - eager to read.

- R.O. Kwon, author of The Incendiaries

What a wickedly clever, formally inventive book Trust Exercise is. I was blown away by Susan Choi's literary vision, not to mention her sensitivity and wit.

- Jami Attenberg

Trust Exercise is a brilliant and challenging novel, an uncanny evocation of the not-so-distant past that turns into a meditation on the slipperiness of memory and the ethics of storytelling. Susan Choi is a masterful novelist, who understands exactly where we are right now and how we got here.

- Tom Perrotta

An ingenious, morally complex exploration of how our youthful entanglements, cruelties, and traumas shape the rest of our lives. Choi's writing is dazzling in its control and precision; this witty, sharp, unsettling novel grabs you and won't let you go.

- Dana Spiotta

Additional Information

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Pages: 272
Subject: Fiction