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The Visiting Angel

Imprint: Tindal Street
Subject: Fiction

The Visiting Angel

Paul Wilson

A miraculous piece of storytelling about a modern day guardian angel

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781906994594 (7 Apr 2011)

About the book

Patrick is a care worker at a halfway house, helping fragile souls build independent lives. He's a good man who's lost his compass while carrying the weight of the world - and he's shattered when a resident with learning difficulties is arrested and accused of abducting a girl from a local estate.
One day Patrick is called to talk to a man on a window ledge claiming to be an angel. He is shocked to find that Saul, a charming and uncannily perceptive man, looks exactly like Patrick's deceased older brother Liam. In the orphanage in which they spent their childhood, Liam was Patrick's protector and hero - until he ran away to become a writer in New York and they never saw each other again.
Saul carries a set of white cards with a different person's name written on each: his angelic mission to help each and every one of them before the week is out. In this he is aided by a clinic nurse, Sarah, still mourning the death of her daughter in a road accident, who (when treating him for an STI) sees that Saul really does have miraculous powers to help people in trouble.
But Patrick is the only one who can confront the real purpose of Saul's visit. Can it possibly help him come to terms with his troubled childhood and dangerously conflicted present?

About the author

Paul Wilson's novels include Noah, Noah and Someone to Watch Over Me. He lives in Lancashire and works rehabilitating people with learning disabilities, mental illnesses or who are young offenders. In 1997 he won the Portico Prize for Literature for Do White Whales Sing at the End of the World?

Additional Information

Imprint: Tindal Street
Subject: Fiction

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