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The Strategy Of Antelopes

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Subject: Non-Fiction, Politics & Current Affairs

The Strategy Of Antelopes

Rwanda After the Genocide

Jean Hatzfeld

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847651716 (30 Sep 2011)

About the book

In two acclaimed previous works, the noted French journalist Jean Hatzfeld offered a profound, harrowing witness to the unimaginable pain and horror in the mass killings of one group of people by another in Rwanda. Now, in The Strategy of Antelopes, he talks with both the Hutus and Tutsis he'd come to know - some of the killers who had been released from prison or returned from Congolese exile, and the Tutsi escapees who must now tolerate them as neighbours. How are they managing with the process of reconciliation? In their hearts is it possible? The enormously varied and always surprising answers he gets suggest that the political ramifications of the international community's efforts to insist on resolution after these murderous episodes are incalculable. This is an astonishing exploration of the pain of memory, the nature of hope, and the ineradicability of grief.

About the author

Born in Madagascar in 1949, novelist and journalist Jean Hatzfeld worked for several years as foreign correspondent for the French daily newspaper Liberation, covering both the conflict in Yugoslavia and the Rwandan genocide. The third and final volume of his Rwandan trilogy, La Strategie des Antilopes, was published in French in 2007, where it won the Prix Medicis. His two previous books, A Time for Machetes (9781852429881) and Into the Quick of Life (9781852429898) are also published by Serpent's Tail.


Skirting the trap of sensationalism, this engrossing account of a scarred society's attempts to recover from a genocide brims with compassion. Jean Hatzfeld has emerged as the ultimate chronicler of the tortured Rwandan soul. The Strategy of Antelopes is not just for Africanists, it should be read by anyone interested in what explosions of mass violence do to communities

- Michela Wrong, author of, In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz

A mosaic of themes and individual stories... wonderfully poetic... Hatzfeld's great achievement is his lucid, empathetic presentation of these mesmerising, heart-wrenching, extraordinary voices. The power of this book is in its desire to try to understand - a little better at least - the incomprehensible

- Wendell Steavenson, Observer

Excellently translated by Linda Coverdale... Hatzfeld tackles the hardest questions

- Anita Sethi, Independent on Sunday

Additional Information

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Subject: Non-Fiction, Politics & Current Affairs