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serpent's tail christmas

If you really love them, or like them - or even just have to buy them a secret Santa present because they're a colleague - get them a book for Christmas. In our Christmas 2017 picks we have spectacular short stories from Joy Williams and Bandi, a North Korean writer whose collection was smuggled out of the country. Discover thought-provoking, beautiful writing in translation from Fernando Pessoa in our gold-and-blue complete edition of a classic, and in László Krasznahorkai's latest. Find a perfect mix of hilarity and wisdom in Jami Attenberg and Jarett Kobek's New York City-based novels. Delve into timely and thought-provoking subjects with Attica Locke's gripping story of racial tension in small-town US. Step into the dark disconcerting worlds of J. Robert Lennon's new thriller and Katie Kitamura's study of a failing marriage, and back in time to the roaring twenties with Rebecca F. John's Costa-shortlisted debut novel.

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