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Remember when you were nine and you had that really great pen pal, the one from Paris or Berlin or Coventry who you met on holiday, who sent you pages of exclamation-punctuated sentences and always decorated both letter and envelope with sparkly stickers and who wrote in multicoloured gel pen? Remember the thrill of finding the letter on the doormat and running up to your room with it, reading and re-reading and then adding to the shoebox full of past letters, the shells you collected together on the beach, the one photo of the mysterious teenager you both had fortnight-long crushes on?

We are the 'grown-up' bookworm version of that pen pal.

Our newsletter is a monthly e-pamphlet containing features, interviews, reviews, excerpts, playlists, even recipes, written and curated by our staff and authors.

Readers of the world are catching on and we’d love you to join us. See our most recent newsletter below to get a taste of the literary delicacies we serve up every month.

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