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Serpent's Tail Catalogue

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In these turbulent political times, there has been much talk of readers being unable to tear themselves away from the 24-hour news cycle to read anything longer than an opinion piece. But at Serpent’s Tail we think Faulkner was right when he said ‘the best fiction is far more true than any journalism’, and this season we have the books to prove it.

Jarett Kobek’s Only Americans Burn in Hell is a ferociously damning, and yet irresistibly hilarious account of how liberal democracy has eaten itself and there might be no way back. Susan Choi’s forensically perceptive novel Trust Exercise examines the politics of sexual power and consent as played out across young people’s lives, and is the most nuanced contribution to the debates sparked by the #MeToo movement you could hope to read.

In perhaps the most wildly eclectic selection of books we’ve ever assembled, we also have poems about cats, the biography of a legendary nineteenth-century lesbian, fiction about a mid-life crisis spanning Germany and Japan, and finally Rebecca Kauffman’s gorgeous novel The Gunners, which isn’t about Arsenal but is about how the only thing that might get us through all the world’s madness is friendship.

Hannah Westland

Publisher, Serpent’s Tail

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