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Nightmare in the Street

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Subject: Fiction, Crime

Nightmare in the Street

Derek Raymond

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847656025 (25 May 2017)

About the book

A plain-clothes copper in Paris, Kleber is 40 years old, drinks hard and smokes fifty a day. He is devoted to his young wife, Elenya, a former prostitute whom he rescued from her pimp, but he is embittered by 22 years on the streets, and his sleep is haunted by dreams of death. Kleber has many enemies, and only one friend: a criminal named Mark. When Kleber is suspended from the police force for punching a fellow officer, his underworld adversaries seize their chance to bring him to heel. Down but not out, Kleber will show no mercy to those who harm the ones he loves. Derek Raymond?s final book ? the typescript was discovered after his death in 1994 ? Nightmare in the Street is a fitting finale to a career spent writing about, and indeed living among, the darkest reaches of humanity.

About the author

Derek Raymond was born Robin Cook in 1931. His novels include A State of Denmark, The Crust on its Uppers, I Was Dora Suarez and How the Dead Live, which was made into a film. The son of a textile magnate, he dropped out of Eton aged sixteen and spent much of his early career among criminals and was employed at various times as a pornographer, organiser of illegal gambling, money launderer, pig-slaughterer and minicab driver. He died in London in 1994.


One of the few novelists to bring the style of American noir genre to the London streets, Raymond was a unique stylist and a great influence on a later generation of crime writers.

- Publishing News

Raymond, who died in London in 1994, saw life through a glass darkly and wrote it that way

- Kirkus Reviews


- Independent

A strange and poetic existential fable ... the discomfort caused by reading him is genuine and twofold: the unremitting bleakness of vision, and a faint underlying suspicion that the old con artist is still at work and the reader (and critic) is viewed as one more in a long line of mug punters.

- Guardian

A unique crime writer whose fictional world was brutal, realistic and harrowing in the extreme.

- Maxim Jakubowski

Additional Information

Imprint: Serpent's Tail
Subject: Fiction, Crime