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Winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim presents Season of Crimson Blossoms, his powerful novel revolving around an affair between a 55 year old widow and a 25 year old gang leader. Dorit Rabinyan arrives with her bestseller, All the Rivers, a haunting story of an Israeli translator and a Palestinian painter, which was banned in Israeli schools for its frank and tender depiction of a taboo relationship. Come and meet two exceptional writers on the subject of love. Chaired by William Sutcliffe.Read More
Major technological changes appear to occur on a monthly basis, so predicting what the future will look like in a couple of years seems like an impossible task. The Economist's executive editor Daniel Franklin is unafraid of a challenge and is here to talk about the technology of 2050. He reveals how scientists, academics and innovators of all types are pondering the shape of things to comeRead More
The United States has a long history of offering shelter to people fleeing conflict but that proud legacy has been overshadowed in recent months. Members of the media are accused of lying if they disagree with the party line and ordinary citizens face their freedoms being eroded further. Reading work around the subject today are authors Petina Gappah, Heinz Helle, Christine Otten and James Oswald.Read More
American poet, novelist, performer, arts journalist and inspiration for a character in the Amazon series Transparent, Eileen Myles is, in the New Yorker's words 'a kickass countercultural icon', and 'a loudmouthed lesbian' in her own. She makes her Book Festival debut with I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems 1975-2014, which is published alongside her cult novel Chelsea Girls. Meet a unique talent. Chaired by Jenny Niven.Read More
DEGREES OF SEPARATION In award-winning author Claire Fuller's pitch perfect Swimming Lessons, the hero looks down from a bookshop window and sees his dead wife standing on the pavement. She'd been missing, presumed drowned, for 12 years. Admired New York writer Katie Kitamura's A Separation centres around a young woman who gets word that her ex-husband has gone missing in a remote part of the Peloponnese. Does she really want to find him?Read More

Vivienne Westwood: Get a Life

Date: 24 Sep 2017

Delve into iconic fashion designer and activist Vivienne Westwood's love of great literature in this keynote talk. Drawing on her own diaries, which began as online posts in 2010 and then grew into Get A Life, this event explores Westwood's life in culture and her involvement with arts, politics and the environment. In her own words, Westwood offers an insight into the importance of classical art. In this keynote talk on why reading matters, she shines a light on the novels and literature which have had the greatest influence on her work and life.Read More

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