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Quo Vadis Salon 4: True Romance Whether flirtation, marriage or liason, the 'truth' of any romantic encounter is forever in flux, residing in relation between two (or three, or more) lovers. Translated into word and deed, love is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and our lovers, and our friends, family and instagram followers. In rare moments, desires and actions, truths and tales align. Much of the time, we endeavour to dictate our personal narratives as they threaten to evade our mastery. All of which, makes contemporary literature the ideal form for exploring love. Join us to discuss matters of the heart, body and soul (and pen and phone and keyboard) with a trio of remarkable authors: Joanna Walsh: Best known for her acutely observed short story collections, Vertigo and Worlds from the Word's End, author, critic and editor, Joanna Walsh's just-published debut novel, Break.up, is revelatory. A 'novel in essays,' the expansive text interweaves philosophical meditation, cultural criticism, memoir, appraisal of the digital realm as romantic medium, and much much more into her heart-broken narrator's European voyage. Lena Andersson: Novelist and columnist for Sweden's largest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, Lena Andersson is considered one of the nation's keenest contemporary analysts. Her fifth book, Wilful Disregard: A Novel About Love, won Sweden's prestigious August Prize and, upon translation, served as an alluring English debut, accruing high praise from the likes of Alice Sebold, Lionel Shriver and Lena Dunham as well as fine reviews. Acts of Infidelity (translated by Saskia Vogel,) the insightful, wry follow up will be published on May 17th. Sophie Mackintosh: The Water Cure entrances and unsettles by turn as hotly tipped, first-time author, Sophie Mackintosh draws readers into the nebulous home environs of three newly-threatened 'sirens'. A transportive and illuminating study of the gender-mediated expectations, obligations, dangers and freedoms that love can bring. The Water Cure will be published on May 24th. Hosted by Suze Olbrich, writer, and editor of Somesuch Stories - a biannual print (and digital) magazine that offers original insight into contemporary experiences of arts, nature, politics, spirituality, sex and society Tickets are £15 including a glass of wine on arrival. There will be an interval halfway through. #QuoVadisSalonRead More

Sarah Brown at Explore York

Date: 31 May 2018

Join Sarah Brown, Director and Chief Executive of the York Glaziers Trust as she talks about the conservation of York Minster's Great East Window The conservation of York Minster's Great East Window of 1405-8 between 2011 and 2017 has been not only one of Europe's most ambitious conservation projects, but also an opportunity to explore one of Europe's greatest medieval masterpieces. The Great East Window has been described as 'England' Sistine chapel of stained glass', and this presentation will examine these claims, while revealing the work of the conservators who have safeguarded its future. Sarah Brown is a national expert on medieval ecclesiastical architecture, stained glass history and conservation, and is the author of many books and articles in the field. She is president of the British Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi and is the General Secretary of the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass. Sarah works as a Senior Lecturer specialising in stained glass, its history and conservation within the History of Art Department at the University of York, and has since 2008 also been Director and Chief Executive of the York Glaziers Trust, responsible for the care of the stained glass of York Minster.Read More
Waterstones Islington is delighted to announce the return of our event series "The Book That Inspired Me", where writers talk about the books that are most important to them. Join us in welcoming acclaimed short story writer and now novelist, Joanna Walsh, to Waterstones Islington to speak about her newest book, the novel-in-essays Break.up, and one of the books that has inspired her work, Chris Kraus' I Love Dick. Joanna Walsh is the author of the short story collections Vertigo and Worlds from the Word's End, as well as the experimental digital novella Seed. Her latest, Break.up, follows a narrator as she travels Europe in the wake of a love affair conducted mostly online - part novel, part essay collection and part travelogue that questions the boundaries between countries, people and genre. We welcome back Joanna, who appeared in the store to talk about Vertigo in 2015. Chris Kraus' I Love Dick is the most acclaimed novel of the 21st century to be released in 1997; a merger of fiction and memoir, it follows the author and her husband as she engage in a psychosexual affair with their friend and colleague, "Dick", mostly in the form of unsent letters. A landmark of confessional literature, it has recently been adapted into an Amazon series starring Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon.Read More

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