Secret State, a major new drama series inspired by Chris Mullin’s 1982 political thriller, A Very British Coup, starts Wednesday 7 November on Channel 4. Secret State stars Gabriel Byrne as deputy prime-minister Tom Dawkins.  A man accustomed to standing just outside the political limelight, he’s thrust to the fore by terrible and catastrophic events, and ends up forced to risk everything by taking on the might of the establishment.

Serpent’s Tail have reissued a TV tie-in edition of Chris’ political classic, under the title Secret State. This is not the first time A Very British Coup has inspired a Channel 4 television series. In 1988 a miniseries of the same name won four Bafta Awards - including Best Actor (Ray McAnally), Best Drama Series, Best Film Editor (Don Fairservice) and Best Film Sound - and one International Emmy Award for Best Drama. On the renewed interest in his novel, Mullin says: "It is 30 years since A Very British Coup was first published and I am gratified that it is still of interest after so long.  I wish the film-makers well with their new version."

Chris Mullin is the author of the critically acclaimed diaries A View From the Foothills, Decline and Fall and A Walk-on Part (Profile Books). He lives in Sunderland.

Secret State starts Wednesday 7 November, 10pm on Channel 4

Secret State by Chris Mullin is out now, paperback £7.99