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London, 1926: Henry Twist's heavily pregnant wife Ruby leaves home to meet a friend. On the way, she is hit by a bus and killed, though miraculously the baby survives. Left a single father in a world without single fathers, Henry decides to keep the baby a secret. 

But one evening, a strange man steps out of the shadows, saying his name is Jack. Henry is helplessly drawn to this man; and the more time he spends with him, the more Henry sees echoes of his dead wife in this man. As the two men grow closer, Henry asks: who really sent him?

Set in a postwar London where the Bright Young Things dance into dawn at garden parties hosted by generous old Monty, The Haunting of Henry Twist is an evocative and gripping debut that you'll want to pass on to your friends *immediately* upon finishing.

Read an extract from the beginning of the book, just after Ruby's funeral - when a certain Jack Turner is about to make an appearance...

The Haunting of Henry Twist is out on 6th July.

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