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Extra daylight + holidays + a plethora of amazing new books on the shelves = a summer reading frenzy. Here are a selection of the amazing titles we're publishing in the next few months, from the latest novel by Booker and Women's Prize shortlistee Esi Edugyan, to an incredible true story of courage and charity in The Beekeeper of Sinjar.

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The Hidden Keys


Andre Alexis

A pageturning mystery with humanity and philosophy at its heart.

In the depths of the ill-reputed Green Dolphin bar in Toronto, Tancred Palmieri, a troubled, talented thief, encounters Willow Azarian, an aging heroin addict. Willow enlists Tancred to steal the objects her father has left behind, hoping they hold the key to her massive inheritance.

But are these five objects really clues, or has Tancred fallen victim to the delusions of a junkie?

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Josephine Wilson

 Winner of the prestigious Miles Franklin Award

When a series of unfortunate incidents forces him and his neighbour, Jan, together, he begins to realise the damage done by the accumulation of a lifetime's secrets and lies.Professor Frederick Lothian, retired engineer, world expert on concrete and connoisseur of modernist design, has quarantined himself from life by moving to a retirement village. Surrounded and obstructed by the debris of his life, he is determined to be miserable.

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Bad Blood


E. O. Chirovici

One rainy night in New York, psychologist James Cobb gives a talk on the art of recovering lost memories. Afterwards, he's approached by a stranger: a dying man who, forty years ago, woke up in a hotel room with a murdered woman, and no memory at all of what happened. Now, he needs to know whether he was an innocent bystander - or a killer.

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The Summer House


Philip Teir, trans. Tiina Nunnally

A shadow hangs over what was supposed to be an idyllic family summer holiday. Erik and Julia set off for the house by the sea in Finland with their two young children. But when they get there, happy childhood memories are marred by the arrival of an old friend, and over the course of the summer, the family start to wonder whether the holiday could be the undoing of them. 

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hits & missesHITS & MISSES

Simon Rich

From a bitter tell-all by a horse who made a man famous and then got left behind to a gushing magazine profile of one of your favorite World War II dictators, these stories trawl through history to skewer our obsession with fame and fortune - all the way from ancient Babylon to Hollywood. 

Loved in the UK by celebs and writers alike, from Lauren Laverne to Matt Haig and Caitlin Moran, Simon Rich is back with his funniest and most personal collection of stories to date.

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Dunya Mikhail

In The Beekeeper of Sinjar, the acclaimed poet and journalist Dunya Mikhail tells the harrowing stories of women from across Iraq who have managed to escape the clutches of ISIS. 

In the midst of ISIS's reign of terror and hatred, an unlikely hero has emerged: the Beekeeper. Once a trader selling his mountain honey across the region, Abdullah Shrem now smuggles brutalised Yazidi women to safety through the war-torn landscapes of Iraq, Syria, and Western Turkey.

This powerful work of literary nonfiction offers a counterpoint to ISIS's genocidal extremism: hope, as ordinary people risk torture and death to save the lives of others.

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thefuture won't be longTHE FUTURE WON'T BE LONG

Jarett Kobek

Join Baby and Adeline as they cling to each other for dear life through a decade of mad, bad New York life punctuated by the deaths of Warhol, Basquiat and Wojnarowicz and the forcible gentrification of the East Village. While Adeline develops into the artist she never really expected to become, Baby falls into a twilight zone of clubbing and late-capitalistic sexual excess. As he struggles to find his way out again, Baby will test the strength of a friendship that had seemed unbreakable.

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Esi Edugyan

From Man Booker and Women's Prize shortlistee comes an incredible, unforgettable tale.

Washington Black is a young slave who, after witnessing a crime that leaves him in mortal danger, escapes his Barbados sugar plantation with an eccentric English inventor. Washington travels the world in search of a place to call home, meeting unforgettable characters, discovering a striking talent for illustration and developing a fascination with marine biology. In his quest to find freedom, Washington travels to the Arctic, the US, Canada and finally, London. 

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