Is there any better way to enjoy a ghost story than in a dimly-lit bar, cocktail in hand, museum of curiosities in the basement below? A strong argument for winter reading being the best reading, the Little Library of Horrors - including books from us and Profile Books - is now open at the infamous Last Tuesday Society in Hackney.


Known for its collection of weird and wonderful artefacts from around the world, and run by Viktor Wynd, 'pataphysicist, writer, curator, collector, dealer, dilettante, naturalist and antiquarian', The Last Tuesday Society is the perfect home for our collection of spooky, gothic reads which includes works by Sarah Perry, Susan Hill, Cathi Unsworth and Fiona Sampson.

Melmoth  Melmoth 2

Readers are invited to post a photo of their favourite book from the library on social media to be entered to win a copy. Head to the bar and have a read, a drink, a wonder at the curiosities in the museum - and tag us in your pictures to win copies.

Melmoth with cocktail  LIttle library of horrors