We challenge you to read the gripping opening to J Robert Lennon's stunning new psychological thriller, Broken River, without being desperate to know what happens next.

About the book

Following a string of affairs, Karl and Eleanor move with their twelve-year-old daughter Irina from Brooklyn to a newly renovated, apparently charming old house near the upstate New York town of Broken River.

Before their arrival, the house stood empty for over a decade. The reason is no secret: a brutal double murder took place there, a young couple killed in front of their child. The crime was never solved, and most locals consider the house cursed.

The family may have left the deceptions of their city life behind them, but all three are still lying to each other, and to themselves. Before long the family's duplicity will unleash forces none of them could possibly have anticipated, putting them in mortal danger. 

Read the first chapter (PDF) 


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