Ruby Tandoh's new book is all about eating what we want, sharing food with others and nourishing our bodies. Sound good? Of course it does! Come & join the revolution with Eat Up! week, taking place on Twitter and Instagram from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February.

Join the Eat Up Revolution!

Each day we'll set you a very simple challenge, listed below, to celebrate the food that makes you feel great (read more about this in Ruby's intro to Eat Up!.)

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Helping others to eat well

Everyone should have the choice to eat what they want. If you can spare any pennies at all, we've suggested a charity to donate to on each day. Email with a screenshot of your donation to be entered to win a signed copy of the book, a limited edition Eat Up! tote bag and some limited edition Eat Up stickers.

Each daily challenge is listed below. See you on 29th January!

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MONDAY 29th Jan: Share your breakfast

Start your week off right and have a good one. Cocopops, croissants, porridge, fry-ups – no breakfast will go unnoticed. And we really don’t mind what your pictures look like, as long as they include food.

Charity of the day: donate your pennies to Magic Breakfast - providing healthy breakfasts to children.  

TUESDAY 30th Jan: Share your favourite easy recipe

Link us to your go-to recipe for a weeknight, or a quick dinner party, or something you like to pretend was really complicated, when it really wasn’t.

Charity of the day: donate your pennies to People's Kitchen - providing food and friendship to the homeless in Newcastle.  

WEDNESDAY 31st Jan: Eat your favourite childhood treat

Step back in time and treat your tastebuds to the flavour of nostalgia. Remember Gold Bars? Nerds? Skips? They’re still as delicious as they were all those years ago, and so full of memories…

Charity of the day: donate your pennies to Action Against Hunger - saving the lives of malnourished children.

THURSDAY 1st Feb: Feed someone else

It's Eat Up! pub day! Share the love by giving the gift of food to someone you know. Buy a chocolate bar for your colleague. Give your last Rolo to your housemate. If you’re feeling generous, make an extra sandwich and leave it in the fridge with a note on it for a lucky diner.

Charity of the day: donate your pennies to The Trussell Trust - running over 400 foodbanks across the country, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK.

FRIDAY 2nd Feb: Make something from scratch, or plan to over the weekend

Not saying you need to bake a tray of brownies and give us one or anything, but … Share a recipe you plan to make then send us your pics over the weekend. Muesli + milk + banana breakfast? Nice. Fried egg sandwich for a Sunday hangover? Delicious. Granny’s leek and potato soup? YUM.

Here’s Ruby’s recipe for vegan chocolate fudge cake to whet your appetite.

Charity of the day: donate your pennies to Mindprovide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.