Alex HolderEver struggled to say 'no' to that expensive dinner that all your friends seem to be able to afford? Found yourself unable to ask for a payrise even though you knew you deserved it? Got stuck in an overdraft rut and felt too ashamed to tell anyone? Then The Money Book by Alex Holder is for you.

In an age of pay-gap exposés and growing intergenerational inequality, The Money Book is an urgent, timely – and fun – book that aims to destigmatise the way we talk, think and feel about money. The Money Book will address our troubled emotional relationship with our finances, showing how we can practise mindful spending and offering practical tips and advice to change the way we approach our finances for good.

The Money Book aims to break the taboo on talking about money in our everyday lives by encouraging us to be more open about what we earn and how we spend, save and deal with debt, stripping away the awkwardness and shame that traps us into bad habits.

Alex Holder says:

‘The awkwardness and shame that surrounds money seems so counter to progress. I’ve had too many conversations with friends which have felt dishonest because the money bit was missing. It’s hard to really discuss going freelance or how to make a break-up fair without talking about money. I hope that we can begin to talk about money in the same way we talk about mental health or sex and maybe if we do, it will help some of us feel less alone – and to finally have an honest chat about that hen-do in Barcelona that no one can afford to go on.’

Editor Louisa Dunnigan says:

‘I’m thrilled to be publishing Alex’s warm, wise and outspoken book.  From friendships and family, to ambitions and mental health, money plays a huge role in our lives and relationships – Alex shows why we need these conversations more than ever. I can’t wait to share it with everyone I know.’

Alex Holder is a freelance writer and consultant. She’s written for Grazia, ELLE (where she was Content Director from 2016-2017), Refinery29 and the Guardian and her personal projects have been featured on NBC, Fox News, the BBC and in the New Yorker, the Daily Mail, Grazia and the Sun. She regularly appears on TV as an industry figurehead and feminist spokesperson.

Before her career-change to journalism, she was a successful advertising executive and reached the top of the industry as one of its few female Executive Creative Directors. She was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women globally and listed by the Evening Standard as one of today’s 5 Inspiring Female Leaders.

Alex has been campaigning for equal pay and greater salary transparency for several years. She devised and launched a campaign that highlighted the pay gap between men and women which was so successful that it ended up getting backed by the then Prime Minister David Cameron. It got 83 million impressions in the first two weeks and helped change an actual law.

Follow Alex on Twitter: @alexandreholder

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