We were saddened to hear the news today that Juan Goytisolo, one of Spain's greatest writers, has passed away.

Born in Barcelona in 1931, Juan Goytisolo was a bitter opponent of the Franco regime.

His early novels were banned in Spain. In 1956 he moved to Paris. Since then he wrote extensively on the city as melting-pot, the expulsion of the Moors from Europe and the art of reading. In 2004 Goytisolo was awarded the Juan Rulfo International Latin American and Caribbean Prize for Literature.

He published 19 novels, two books of stories, five travel books and several essay collections, his most popular being two volumes of autobiography, Coto Vedado (1985, Forbidden Territory) and En los Reinos de Taifa (1986, Realms of Strife). 

We're proud to have published ten of Goytisolo's books, the first one, Landscapes after the Battle, in 1987. Marks of Identity  (1988) and Count Julian (1989) are still in print.

Read his full obituary at theguardian.com.