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Joanna Walsh's latest book Break-Up (Tuskar Rock) explores the spaces between things - between lovers, between thinking and doing, between fiction and memoir - and wonders, in this current age of virtually unlimited connectivity, whether such spaces even exist. Lara Feigel's Free Woman (Bloomsbury), 'the bravest work of literary scholarship I have ever read' according to Deborah Levy, inhabits the space between a reader and a writer, the writer in this case being Doris Lessing. Walsh and Feigel will be reading from their books, and talking about what writing can, can't, should and shouldn't do. The evening will be chaired by Jennifer Hodgson, writer, critic and editor of Ann Quin's The Unmapped Country (And Other Stories).Read More
Next Due to the bank holiday, our "May" panel will be on the 30th April. Come join us for a 'killer' panel: Robert Goddard, Simone Buchholz, GJ Minett and Cathi Unsworth, moderated by Joe Haddow. for more information, or get in touch at firstmondaycrime@gmail.com.Read More
Waterstones Islington is delighted to announce the return of our event series "The Book That Inspired Me", where writers talk about the books that are most important to them. Join us in welcoming acclaimed short story writer and now novelist, Joanna Walsh, to Waterstones Islington to speak about her newest book, the novel-in-essays Break.up, and one of the books that has inspired her work, Chris Kraus' I Love Dick. Joanna Walsh is the author of the short story collections Vertigo and Worlds from the Word's End, as well as the experimental digital novella Seed. Her latest, Break.up, follows a narrator as she travels Europe in the wake of a love affair conducted mostly online - part novel, part essay collection and part travelogue that questions the boundaries between countries, people and genre. We welcome back Joanna, who appeared in the store to talk about Vertigo in 2015. Chris Kraus' I Love Dick is the most acclaimed novel of the 21st century to be released in 1997; a merger of fiction and memoir, it follows the author and her husband as she engage in a psychosexual affair with their friend and colleague, "Dick", mostly in the form of unsent letters. A landmark of confessional literature, it has recently been adapted into an Amazon series starring Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon.Read More

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