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Alex Holder

Alex Holder

Alex Holder is a freelance writer and consultant, who writes for ELLE, Grazia, Refinery29 and the Guardian among others. Her projects have been featured everywhere from the BBC to the New Yorker, while her campaign highlighting the gender
pay gap went viral and helped change an actual law. She has been named one of Business Insider's 30 Most Creative Women globally and listed by the Evening Standard as one of today's 5 Inspiring Female Leaders.


About Open Up

Ever struggled to say 'no' to an expensive dinner with friends? Found yourself unable to ask for a payrise even though you deserved it? Got stuck in an overdraft and felt too ashamed to tell anyone?

Open Up is an outspoken, warm and timely book that destigmatises the way we talk, think and feel about money. It's full of conversations about money in everyday life - how we earn it, how we spend it and how it affects us. Whether learning from friends, being transparent with partners, finding community with colleagues or recognising what you're worth, talking about money means letting go of shame, and creating a healthy relationship with your finances. Full of advice on everything from mindful spending to the freelance jump, this is a book that strips away the awkwardness, to help you find the power in talking about money.

Make your own OPEN UP moneybox! Download a PDF, print onto card, cut out & stick together. Don't forget to cut out the slot. You're ready to start saving your pennies.