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A Separation

Imprint: Clerkenwell Press
Pages: 239
Subject: Fiction

A Separation

Katie Kitamura

A brilliant novel about the end of a marriage from a luminous young talent

9781781256589 (23 Mar 2017)

About the book

A young woman has agreed with her faithless husband: it's time for them to separate. For the moment it's a private matter, a secret between the two of them. As she begins her new life, alone, she gets word that her ex-husband has gone missing in a remote region in the rugged southern Peloponnese. Reluctantly she agrees to go and search for him, still keeping their split to herself. In her heart, she's not even sure if she wants to find him. Adrift in the wild and barren landscape, she traces the failure of their relationship, and finds that she understands less than she thought about the man she used to love.A story of intimacy, infidelity and compassion, A Separation is about the gulf that divides us from the lives of others and the narratives we create to mask our true emotions. As the narrator reflects upon her love for a man who may never have been what he appeared, Kitamura propels us into the experience of a woman on the brink of catastrophe. A Separation is a riveting masterpiece of absence and presence that will leave the reader astonished, and transfixed.

About the author

Katie Kitamura is based in New York and London. She has written for numerous publications, including The New York Times, Wired and the Guardian. She was a finalist in the 2010 New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award for her debut novel, The Longshot. Her second novel Gone to the Forest was published to widespread critical acclaim, and was a book of the year in both the Financial Times and the New Yorker.


A novel so seamless, that follows its path with such consequence, that even minor deviations seem loaded with meaning. Wonderful.

- Karl Ove Knausgaard

A Separation is riveting, unsettling and beautifully written. Katie Kitamura really is the business.

- Roddy Doyle

Consider Katie Kitamura a literary heavyweight in the making.

- Vogue

The voice is strong - distinctive, inviting while also remote, expressive of an emotional limbo ... finely executed ... Multiple scenes are artfully articulated, and Kitamura is skilful at describing fine shades of feeling ... the prose is often elegant ... A Separation successfully evokes a highly specific mood: a lostness, a dislocation, a suspension, a mourning ... Kitamura strikes a haunting note

- Lionel Shriver, FT

The burnt landscape, the disappearance of a man, the brilliantly cold, precise, and yet threatening, churning tone of the narrator - make A Separation an absolutely mesmerizing work of art.

- Rachel Kushner

Additional Information

Imprint: Clerkenwell Press
Pages: 239
Subject: Fiction

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